(f) Review and report demographic information on electronically distributed learning.

Lead: Bob Billings & Gary Pratt

11-21-09 formatted data for report

11/12/2009 COMBINED PUBLIC 4yr, PUBLIC 2YR, and ICW 4yr DATA

HECB Capacity Study (see figure 4.1 on page 23)

The following data was provided by the SBCTC:

A request for similar data from the four years has been made to the Council of Presidents.

Pull together the following data from the Universities (via COP), the Community and Technical Colleges (via SBCTC – Cable), and request this data from the private institutions and for-profit institutions of higher education:
  • AY 2007-2008 & AY 2008-2009 (so we can see growth over time)
  • Student FTE and headcount
  • online and hybrid numbers (remove “web enhanced”)
  • state support and "other" funding sources

  • Also useful, but not core is:
    • demographics
    • programs of study (if we have it)
    • course completion data

Data Analytics:** (Dave Cillay)
  • What, if anything, is higher education gathering, tracking - to help improve student success?
  • Maybe place it in "online student services" "eLearning best practices" or ???
  • What business intelligence systems are needed to make good decisions? Best practices of "dashboards?"